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Hello my name is Mika'el, the founder of  irehealth.com. At ire health we sell a wonderful product called the Olive leaf Ointment. OLO " Olive Leaf Ointment" Naturally heals: eczema, acne, athletes foot fungus, beard bumps ( on the face and back of the neck) removes  black heads, topical rashes, bug bites, jock itch, black toenail fungus, Sty on the eye, boils, ring worm, Open herpes skin sores, Hemorrhoids. Any topical skin condition the Olive Leaf Ointment OLO can be used to elevate the itching and discomfort and remove the topical skin condition naturally. If you are looking for a way to alleviate using pharmaceutical, and chemically created  products check out ire health's OLO Olive Leaf Ointment.  Please feel free to send a email to irehealth@irehealth.com if what you are dealing with topically is afflicting you, and we will let you know how OLO olive leaf ointment can help.

*The Olive Leaf Ointment has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. The Olive Leaf Ointment is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease*

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My name is Mika'el and I created a product called OLO, Olive Leaf Ointment. The Olive Leaf Ointment is made from the fruit of the olive tree, and the leaf of the olive tree. When combined with Organic bee's wax , that has naturally occurring vitamin D & E, it makes a powerful, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti bacterial, all natural acne eliminator.

Olive Oil has been used for centuries by Mediterranean people; the oil or the fruit of the olive tree is beneficial for the skin. The leaf is new to the U.S., research is still being done on the Extract IE Olive Leaf. What is know is that the leaf is very powerful in killing bacteria, and not allowing it to change it's DNA.

When Noah sent out the dove to search for land , it brought back to Noah the OLIVE LEAF ( OLD TESTAMENT) Shea Butter is to be used on the skin after the skin condition has been removed which we sell here at ire health. Shea Butter is used to heal the  scare  that is left after having acne, beard bumps, eczema, or burns.

Use Shea Butter also for dry skin IE: FEET , HANDS , FACE, DREAD LOCKS, SCALP, the total body. Also use Shea Butter as a Natural UV blocker.  Do to he fact that the Shea Nut comes from Africa where people are right by the equator, Shea butter is used to protect from the sun.

As a person who has been living a holistic life for over 20 years I wanted to share some of my holistic experiences with people and pass on my personal knowledge about being vegan, and using holistic and organic non- GMO products to enhance your life. First off let me let me explain the word ire heath.

I am a Rastafarian and in our culture the term irie or ire which is pronounced eye-ree means everything is peaceful, cool running's, happy and the like. The Ital Package is sold together to heal the issues mentioned above. Ital is a Rastafarian term meaning Vegan, holistic, Organic from the earth Non- GMO NO Animal bi-products 

Holistic health products/ soap, lotion, herbs,

At ire health.com we will have people who will sell there products on our site who are not to computer savey, in order to help give them a platform to market there products and pass on information about health and fitness.

At ire health.com we encourage input to make the site more user friendly


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 The Ital Package:

 Olive leaf Ointment, Shea Butter Soap, Shea Butter


Ingredients: Bee's wax, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Olive Leaves
1.wash the infected area with our Nubian Heritage Shea Butter, Olive Oil and avocado extract, Green Tea soap
2. Dry area completely ,( if open wound apply our Tea Tree Oil and let wound dry naturally)
3. Apply a very thin layer to the infected area.
Note: Olive Leaf Ointment is very potentate, please use only a very small amount, less is best.

FREE Sample

One free sample of the OLO Olive Leaf Ointment per order. shipping and handling will be $5.00 Please send email to irehealth@irehealth.com and we will send you a paypal request. Only Paypal payments are being accepted at this time.


Shea Butter Soap $5.00

Soap is used as part of the Ital Package

Tea Tree Oil $10.00

Tea Tree Oil is used at part of the  Ital Package or can be used separately

    Raw Shea Butter $10.00

    Raw Shea Butter is to be used as part of the Ital Package or can be used separately

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